Thursday, 12 June 2014

Nunuku's Law

Nunuku’s Great law of Peace

Once, a man named Nunuku made a law of peace. He lived on the Chatham Islands, in a small village Rekohu It said that his people the Moriori were not allowed to fight invaders or even kill them. All the people agreed with Nunuku’s law. Nunuku’s law was practised from, it was practised like this.

If two people began to fight, they were allowed to strike each other with a wooden staff called tupuari but, if either one of them drew blood out of their body, then the fight would immediately stop and the both of them would have die.

Once in the 1835, Nunuku and his tribe were invaded from a tribe from New Zealand. The chiefs of Rekohu
had a meeting of what they should do to the invaders. Should they kill or not fight. The chiefs chose to not fight but, have peace like Nunuku’s said. So, many  Moriori men, women and children were killed and others were turned into slaves.

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